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Clay Detox Mask

Do you want to remove oils, secretions, toxins, and contaminants from your skin?  Go no further!  I have a great clay mask recipe for you to help detoxify your skin.  Read Enlighten Life’s post on bentonite clay to better understand all the amazing benefits it provides.

This mask incorporates bentonite clay and some incredible ESSENTIAL OILS!  Essential oils truly are the bomb!  There are oils out there for almost anything.  The purifying properties will leave you with the silkiest smoothest skin!

Historical accounts of humans using ‘healing clay’ began with Aristotle (384-322 BC)  Healing practices of ancient cultures, as well as modern society, have depended on clay minerals with powerful adsorptive and absorptive properties to treat a variety of topical maladies.  Clay minerals are ubiquitous in nature and their adsorptive and absorptive capabilities have been exploited in a variety of cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulations.





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  • I use bentonite clay all the time! Love the idea of mixing it with essential oils. Will definitely be trying this! 🙂

    • Yay Celess, glad you enjoyed the article!!!! If you don’t have essential oils definitely check them out through ! you will LOVE them!


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