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I hope my passion has sparked an interest to develop yourself and your potential!  I would love to help you discover the best version you were created to be.  I look forward to getting to know you on a deeper level and helping you thrive.  Say hi, shoot me a question, or feel free to give me feedback on how I can better serve you!  Sign up for our e-life newsletter below to stay up-to-date with the most recent blogs, educational services, and Enlighten Life adventures.


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    I could NOT have accomplished my goals with out Elsa’s knowledge and support. In 2015, I signed up for a 70.3, not long after making the commitment Elsa entered into my life and made a commitment to help me reach my dream of crossing that finish line. She helped me build strength both mentally and physically so that I knew I could do it, Elsa took me from not being able to do a push up to doing sets of pushups, she was able to get me in shape to squat my own body weight, and she guided me to make the right nutritional choices for my recovery and training needs. In short, it was a privilege to be Elsa’s client and to have her as a partner on this journey, I can honestly say I don’t know if I could of accomplished it without her. Remarkable things are going to come from this woman, and I feel honored to be able to call her a friend and to be a witness.

    Jessica Christopher

    Elsa is one of a kind!  You’re not just getting a trainer, you’re getting the full package of what it takes to help meet your needs in an over all lifestyle change.  She truly cares about each of her clients and is versatile to the type of training an individual needs and is looking for.  Elsa is one of the first trainers outside of athletics to help me build a solid foundation for mobility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.  Since working with Elsa, I have been able to build upon that foundation thanks to all the hours she’s patiently put into helping me go toward my goals.  My goals have been to maintain an athletic, strong lifestyle both physically and mentally!  Last but not least, she really does care about her clients! She isn’t a one hour trainer who’s just looking to get you through the workout.  She’s trying to change lives for the better and in the process she changed mine!  Thank you Elsa for all of your patience and encouragement!  I’m honored and thankful to have had you as a trainer, nutrition expert and friend!

    John J. Neisch II

    I have been a client of Elsa’s for over four years!  Some would say that is a long time to work with a trainer, but in that time she has helped me with numerous “problems” that i have developed over the last 65 years.  Her knowledge of exercise physiology and nutrition has helped me not only lose inches but has helped me with proper weight control.  Her workouts are geared for my many aches and pains.  Depending on what is hurting from day to day she is very accommodating when I arrive to my session.  All her work has helped me stay on two feet and still keep a high level of activity at my age.  Through all of this we have become friends and I enjoy our conversations about family, friends, and world affairs.  In my opinion she is a very reliable, knowledgeable, and accomplished trainer.  I will continue to be active until I can’t any longer, and I thank her for that.

    Lucy Yap