Wellness Coaching

Enlighten Life’s Wellness Coaching is a modernized service similar to that of life coaching.  Wellness coaching not only offers counseling and encouragement in your personal and professional life, but also addresses external aspects. Aspects such as your environment, lifestyle, and how your current health may be affecting your ability to find success.  Wellness coaching will establish your personal mission statement and growth plan, identify your goals, and work through four key areas with you: Focus, Balance, Productivity, and Fulfillment.  While working through those four key areas, Wellness Coaching will assess your living environment, daily activities, nutrition and fitness habits.  This allows us to create an outline that can optimize and propel you closer to your goals.  Wellness coaching can be done in person or remotely.

Enlighten & Optimize Your Environment

E&O is a service primarily focused on identifying the harmful and negative aspects that affect your health found in your living and/or work space. E&O will create a prioritized action plan to improve the quality of that environment.  This may or may not include addressing artificial lighting, non-native electromagnetics, grounding, the use of toxic products, alternative commodities, etc.  The success of this is solely determined on the client’s willingness and ability to follow through on the action plan provided after consultation.  The E&O consultation is best done in the presence of the space you are trying to optimize.  It can also be done via Enlighten Life’s E&O questionnaire and a final online consult.  An online E&O consultation will not include in-person electric, magnetic, and radiofrequency readings and feedback.

Wellness Coaching

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E&O Your Environment

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