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Nighttime Magnesium Spritz

Why Magnesium?

ATP metabolism (aka energy production), muscle contraction and relaxation, normal neurological function and release of neurotransmitters are all magnesium dependent.  (Jahnen-Dechent & Ketteler, 2012) There are A LOT of processes that occur in our body’s that NEED magnesium in order to occur.  Taking a magnesium supplement or spraying magnesium oil on topically at night can help promote relaxation.  It can also help with reducing anxiety and/or insomnia resulting in a better nights sleep.  If you want to know more about magnesium and the signs/symptoms of a deficiency READ this blogpost!

This easy two ingredient magnesium spritz is super simple to make.  It is also a great protocol to incorporate into a nightly routine because of all its benefits and de-stressing abilities.  I used these spray bottles that I found on Amazon, but many health and food stores will carry them too!  Did you know that almost half of the population has a magnesium deficiency?!!  That’s crazy!  Because there are so many vital functions that rely on magnesium AND because it has a very very low toxicity ability… I recommend trying this remedy out if you find yourself experiencing signs or symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

When you apply magnesium topically, like this DIY, or take an Epsom Salt bath the magnesium bypasses the GI tract and your body has the ability to absorb more!  This is a great recovery tool for athletes or those of you who work out regularly.  **you also will not have a chance of experiencing any laxative effect when used topically**

Essential Oils

I sure do love incorporating essential oils!  If you have LAVENDER on hand, doTERRA’s restful blend SERENITY, or BALANCE (another doTERRA blend) these are my go-to’s to promote relaxation.  The Serenity blend includes the following essential oils: lavender flower, cedarwood, ho wood leaf, ylang ylang flower, marjoram leaf, roman chamomile flower, vetiver root, vanilla bean absolute, and Hawaiian sandalwood wood.  The Balance blend includes: spruce leaf, ho wood leaf, frankincense resin, blue tansy flower, blue chamomile flower, and osmanthus flower essential oils.

Essential oils and their aromatherapy properties have a huge impact on emotions.  Lavendar, Serenity, and Balance all have balancing, grounding, and relaxing properties which is why they pair perfectly with magnesium oil!


DIY Magnesium Spritz


Nighttime Magnesium Spritz



  1. Combine both ingredients into the spray bottle
  2. Shake bottle prior to application
  3. Spray 2-3x on the bottom of each foot before bed
  4. Sweet dreams!







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