5 Reasons A Chiropractor Could Help YOU
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5 Reasons A Chiropractor Can Help YOU

Dr. Ryan Nolte

Let me introduce you to Dr. Ryan Nolte!  He is a dear friend and wonderful chiropractor that practices in the Twin Cities area.  Dr. Nolte is a Holistic Energy Healer, Kinesiologist, and Chiropractor.  He specializes in a technique called XK which looks to balance the mental, chemical, and structural interface of a patient.  This allows complete expression of health from the inside-out!  I have had the pleasure of being worked on by him and can attest to his practice.  I hope you enjoy his top five reasons why a chiropractor could help you!  


“Your body’s ability to Heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe”               – Dr. Ryan Nolte

1. Awaken the Nervous system


            Take a light bulb and dim switch for example.  It’s very obvious to notice a difference in the light bulb when the dim switch is cranked up to 100% compared to that of only 50%.  But let’s say you forget about paying attention to the light bulb and go ahead with your life.  If somehow the dim switch decreased very slowly by 1% every so often, it wouldn’t be very obvious to notice the difference if it perhaps reached 50%.  Every 1% decrease becomes the new “normal” and you let go of the notion of what 100% actually felt like.

            A lot of individuals come into a chiropractic clinic with less than 100% functioning nervous system and they’ve just adapted around our new “normal”.  Maybe the new normal is having a headache every day.  Maybe the new normal is digestive issues.  Maybe the new normal is having less energy and needing to take a nap/drink a coffee every day to just get by.  Maybe the new normal is to feel depressed when you wake up.  There is a ridiculous amount of conditions that people just accept as their new normal and there doesn’t have to be!  Getting adjusted removes interference in the nervous system and allows your body the ability to communicate properly at 100%.


2. Restore function in the body


            Each joint in your body has a normal range of motion.  Daily wear and tear, repetitive usage, and acute injuries are ways that can effect the normal range of motion and cause your body to adapt around subluxations (joint misalignment).  We, as chiropractors, work to get individuals back to optimal joint function throughout the body. 

            A lot like dental cavities, you won’t always be aware that you have subluxations.  Therefore individuals are encouraged to have maintenance adjustments to prevent the build up of stress on these joints and maintain optimal function.

            It’s all about function and quality of life.  Let’s work to keep your body at peak performance and allow you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of!


3. Preventive Care


            Microwave Society: “The mindset of wanting (and nearly getting) everything “RIGHT NOW”. Technology has made gathering or sending information extremely fast and we’ve begun to think that everything in life should be available on demand.” Defined by Urban Dictionary.

            There is not much lag time between what we want and what we get in this day and age.  However, when it comes to our health we need to think much deeper and create awareness of what’s going on below the surface.

            Preventive Care is stepping outside the microwave society mentality and thinking long-term benefits.  If you put in the work now — do the necessary self care to minimize the buildup of stress on your system — you no longer are looking at chronic piles of stress (a.k.a. chronic illness) to deal with later on in life.


4. Become more aware of yourSELF


            There is not a mystical adjustment that sharpens internal awareness, but I’m speaking here about the overall process that happens when an individual participates in the holistic health lifestyle. 

            “How much should I exercise?  What should I eat?  Is this relationship good for me?  Should I pursue this avenue in life?  Do I want this supplement? Do I need more water?  Etc, etc, etc.” 

            Through experience and making self-care a lifestyle choice, you gradually begin to have an intuition or “gut-feeling” about what will be beneficial for you on a deeper level.  Ultimately it’s the process of growing awareness and understanding of all the different stressors in life and how your specific mind/body is handling these stressors. 

            Everybody has their own experiences and perceptions in life, so we as the practitioners need to work with the specific individual and find a balanced state that supports a happy and healthy life!


5. Saves money in the long term


            Maintaining optimal health and taking care of issues while they are still small prevents larger events from occurring in the future.  It’s all about not allowing stress to build up in our system.  Chiropractic care helps dissipate unnecessary stress on the nervous system and overall functionality of the body.  It’s so simple.  The less stress you have to deal with on a physical, chemical, and emotional level, the closer to 100% you will function and the less probable you are of developing any chronic illness.  Chronic illness is a huge industry with a large bottom line.  Let’s not be part of the problem, but rather participate in the solution.


Nolte Health and Healing

Want to know more about Dr. Nolte? Visit Nolte Health and Healing or book an appointment if you are in the Twin Cities area.  Read more about his healing methods, upcoming events, and blogs on his website.  Follow along and “like” his Nolte Health and Healing Facebook Page .




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