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2 in 1 Make-Up Remover & Moisturizer

Comedogenic Ratings

What is a comedogenic rating?  This is a score derived from a 0 to 5 scale to rate how likely a specific product will clog your pores.

  • 0 – will not clog pores
  • 1 – low
  • 2 – moderately low
  • 3 – moderate
  • 4 – fairly high
  • 5 – high


When designing this recipe I specifically chose oils that had a rating of 0 on the comedogenic scale.  Does it make any sense to put something on your skin that will clog your pores or inhibit your skin from breathing? Nope.

If you really want to be freaked out, go check out the ingredient list on your beauty products and compare it to the list compiled by Beneficial Botanicals.  Whenever I take the time to wander down the beauty aisle at the grocery store or co-op, I’m always surprised at how many thickeners, emulsifiers, detergents, alcohols, esters, ethers, and sugars are used in beauty products.


The natural oil our skin produces is what helps keep us looking young.  These natural oils also help protect the integrity of our skin.  When we are constantly stripping these oils away we dry it out. We are at risk for having even “oilier” skin because our body is trying to constantly keep up.  Don’t let the “oil-free” products fool you either.

I’m certain you can find at least a couple natural make up removers and moisturizer’s in your kitchen right now if you looked.  Coconut oil is a common and easy way to help get rid of that left-over pesky eye make up.  Coconut oil is a 4 on the comedogenic scale and therefore may clog your pores.  Give the recipe below a whirl and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Whenever choosing oils to put on your body or to eat for that matter, always choose cold pressed, pure, and organic when possible! Amazon is extremely helpful for finding these products all under one roof, so to speak.

As shown in the recipe below i’ve used these oils: Organic Argan OilOrganic Hemp Seed OilOrganic Shea Butter, and Vitamin E Oil .  I’ve enjoyed them.  Don’t be alarmed by the green hemp seed oil.  Chlorophyll is naturally present in hemp seeds which is what gives it that greenish hue. Trust me, no colors or dyes added here.

Essential Oils

Who doesn’t love essential oils…really?  Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Lavender are the three oils I decided to use.  This is always a tough choice because there are so many different beneficial properties to each essential oil.  Essential oils are natural and powerful antioxidants.  dōTERRA’s are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® and pure.  When choosing the essential oils for this recipe I knew I wanted frankincense.  It was only a matter of picking which other two would support frankincense best.  The theme I was going for was healthy beautiful skin.

Frankincense – “king” of oils

  • anti-cancer properties
  • helps heal wounds
  • supports skin regeneration aka anti-wrinkles
  • boosts cellular health
  • anti-inflammatory properties


  • used topically for dry skin or dry scalp
  • diminishes scars and blemishes
  • anti-cancer properties
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • helps heal wounds and skin infections


  • used topically to treat sunburn, burns, and scars
  • helps comfort, cleans, and heal cuts, wounds, and blisters
  • natural antibacterial properties
  • regenerative properties
  • promotes relaxation



2 in 1 Make-Up Remover and Moisturizer

Prep Time: 3 hours

Total Time: 3 hours, 10 minutes



  1. Combine all oils in your KitchenAid and whisk together thoroughly
  2. Add essential oils
  3. Cover and place in refrigerator to chill overnight or for at least 3 hours
  4. After chilled, whisk once again until its a creamy whipped texture
  5. If you want more of a body butter consistency versus face moisturizer, add additional Shea Butter
  6. Store in an air tight container


If using as a make up remover, use a cotton pad to help remove make up or residual residue after washing your face. Once make up is removed, allow the remaining oils to moisturize your face.

If you are using this as purely a moisturizer, a little goes a long way. (that saying is actually true with this recipe) One reason I love using this before bed is because it can take a little while for you skin to absorb the oil. It can appear greasy if you use too much.

All oils in this recipe are rated a 0 on the comedogenic scale. 0 means will not clog pores.



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